Summer in Brooklyn

Photography featuring the 11th Annual Bushwick Collective Block Party. 

Bushwick is in the house!

The Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick is a short ride from Long Island City's Gantry Park which is featured below. These are scenes from the Bushwick Block Party featuring music, street art, food, and a multicultural crowd all chilling and vibing in peace.

It’s ironic that I grew up hearing about the negative impact of rap music and as an adult I see the shared love of Hip Hop culture bringing people of all races together.

This is Brooklyn in 2022 and it’s all love baby. 

Long Island City

The western shore of Queens, overlooking the east side of New York City is one of my favorite neighborhoods to photograph.

Long Island City (LIC) is home to Gantry State Park, a growing riverside greenspace along the shores of the East River.

This is Gantry Park as it has evolved over the last two decades.

Gantry Park